Weatherproofing Outdoor Pillows

Weatherproofing Outdoor Pillows

What’s better than surprising a good friend on her birthday with flowers, cupcakes and balloons?
Pseudo-suprising her a few days after their birthday with an urban porch makeover!

Ryan and I scored a ton of vintage Verner Panton chairs on Craigslist and I scoured Value Village for some cute throw pillows. I wanted to make sure they were somewhat weather proof – anticipating a wet June. But alas, they really needed to be sun/fade protected! Here is the 3 step process for weatherproofing outdoor throw pillows.

Step 1: Find Pillows
As I mentioned, I found these at Value Village – for $2 each. They have different patterns on the front and back of each. So inexpensive, adorable and reversible right?
Weatherproofing Pillows

Step 2: Buy Supplies + Prep Weatherproofing area
I purchased one can of Thompson’s Water Seal – Fabric Seal which helps to prevent fading and water damage. One can worked for two smaller throw pillows, using two coats on each.
Weatherproofing Pillows Thompson

*Quick Tip: Make sure to check where the wind is blowing and apply on a surface that is either disposable or is the go-to ‘eh..we use this blanket for painting, crafting and the occasional camping trip.’

Step 3: Dry + Enjoy
Let the pillows dry for about a day after spraying, just to be sure they aren’t sticky and are completely weatherproof.
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