Vivace | David Schomer

Vivace | David Schomer

If you are into coffee or in Seattle you have most certainly heard the name David Schomer. You might of overheard David Schomer’s with the accompanying titles of artist, scientist or researcher. But really David Schomer is the ultimate champion of scientific coffee research, art and service.

Espresso should taste as good as fresh ground coffee smells. 
-Vivace’s Guiding Principle

I got the chance to share a few drinks and words with Schomer in the Espresso Vivace Roasteria, Capitol Hill location, as part of the TEDxRainier adventures. Two of the best things shared during the event: words of wisdom from the man behind the bar and the business and a Nico latte, 4 ounces of perfection.

My future Mother-in-Law asked David if he ever dreamed about lattes. His response…

 “In the beginning I would dream about the air bubble in the latte crema…
but now I only dream about fly fishing.” 

-David Schomer

All said with a smile while carefully distributing espresso grinds in a portafilter. In the land of Starbucks’ made up drink size and type lingo, their only need for translation is in the namesake, translated by Schomer to ‘excitement for coffee’. They have their coffee down to a science, every time and creative drinks to keep you coming back.

Espresso Vivace Nico Latte

Their infamous Caffe Nico has 5 ingredients, is only 4 ounces and is surprisingly delicious. Schomer noted that the key is maintaining a consistent temperature with both the espresso and cream. The latte art and aroma of the fresh drops of citrus don’t hurt it either.


Maria Hayhow

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