Valentine’s Day: Packaging We Love

Valentine’s Day: Packaging We Love

Sure it’s what’s on the inside that counts – but these innovative packaging designs could make your Valentine’s Day all the more lovely for you + yours. Happy February!

1// Tait Design Co – SlingSlang YOYO
For your funny valentine, a hand-turned maple YOYO. The packaging is made from recycled cardboard, with a funky fresh screen print on top. Great for any valentine that enjoys handcrafted goods, a little DIY and old-school fun.

2// Macaron Bar – To-Go Packaging
For your font-loving friend, a Macaron bar To-Go box full of perfectly kerned French macarons. DAAP Alum, Kyle Oldfield, designed the logo + packaging for Cincinnati’s Macaron bar. Note the treatment of the type when the boxes are stacked – seamless.

3// Landeau – Signature Rose Box
For your European lover, a bucket of 22-25 roses inspired by luxe Parisian packaging. Trevor Patterson created Landeau, a no-hassle and high-quality flower delivery service no available for orders throughout Vancouver.

4// Kimberlin Co. + Juniper Ridge – Candle and Spoon Ring
For your love that burns bright, a ‘wilderness fragrance distillery legend‘ candle. The candle is a collaboration between Kimberlin Co. and Juniper Ridge with a unique process, and a handcrafted spoon ring at the bottom of each candle.

5// Momiji – Limited Edition Valentina Doll
For your next love letter recipient, a limited edition Valentina Momiji Love Doll. Like all Momiji dolls, the Valentina doll holds a small secret message inside for your Valentine.

6// Ruinart Rosé Champagne Interpretation Aroma Gift Box 
For your fancy friend, a collection of scent bottles and bubbly for an elegant olfactory experience. This is a limited edition box and the first of it’s kind. For a less fancy, more frugal and more fun gift —> go to 7-Eleven and pick up a boxed wine and deodorant stick. Nailed it!

P.S – Valentine’s Day is coming around the corner ; )

Maria Hayhow

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