Seattle Food Tours | Capitol Hill

Seattle Food Tours | Capitol Hill

Ryan and I were really, really excited to attend the Seattle Food Tour of Capitol Hill, with our foodie guide Coral Sisk. Coral is a blogger at The Curious Appetite and has a serious curiosity for food and a deep knowledge of the best eats in Seattle and abroad.

The food tour of Capitol Hill Social Dine Around is a 5 stop culinary tour, over the course of  3 hours, all while taking your taste buds to abroad through one of Seattle’s hottest hoods.

Here are 5 fun foodie facts about the restaurants featured in Capitol Hill’s Food Tour, with pictures from the great evening out!

1. Bar Cotto: A Salumeria Born Out of Love
Ethan Stowell’s salumeria and cocktail bar opened on Valentine’s Day in 2013 and has received a lot of love from Seattle-ites ever since. We enjoyed a board of sliced meats (Prosciutto Cotto, Mortadella and Salami) with Torta Fritta’s (pillowy fried dough breads). Cheers-ing to the tour to come with some chilled lambrusco.
Bar Cotto - Seattle Food Tour - Capitol Hill

*Bar Cotto’s Menu and Location. 

2. Le Zinc: You Butter Go ; ) 
This French-style gastropub features house-churned butter, with fresh and local cream. It’s also salted with a drop of one of Julia Child’s happiest tears. During the tour stop, Parris introduced a scallop dish with a variety of ingredients (fried taro root, comte cheese, yummmy things galore!). You’ll just have to take my word for it, without the recipes for it – go try Le Zinc’s dishes!
Le Zinc Seattle Food Tour Capitol Hill

*Le Zinc Events and Specials. 

3. Momiji: For Any Season
This Japanese restaurant shares its’ translation with a popular Japanese snack, tempura deep-fried maple leaves. You’ll see maple trees as a motif throughout the restaurant but no deep fried leaves on the food tour menu (phew)!During the tour we were treated to a less edgy dish, a butterfly roll. The roll itself was filled with creamy crab, tuna, avocado and tobiko but it was the the light and citrus-y sauce atop of each roll had everyone writing home.
Seattle Food Tour Capitol Hill Momijji

*Momiji Happy Hour Menu.

4. The Tin Table: Fun and Freebies
Located in the Oddfellow’s building this restaurant is always abuzz and a great place to get buzzed. Their chef, pastry chef and bar manager ensure everyone leaves full and jolly. You can even expect a free wine tasting at the 2nd Friday of each month! We were served smoked steelhead trout with bacon braised cabbage, apples, buckwheat spaetzle, pomegranate seeds and pomegranate syrup. An interesting dish, but the real treat was the tour of the Oddfellows building, dance and performance halls.
Seattle Food Tours Capitol Hill Tin Table

*The Tin Table Dining and Dancing info. 

5. D’Ambrosio: For a Good Scoop + A Good Book
This gelateria is a place you’ll be sure to tell your friends about and maybe settle in for some storytelling. The D’Ambrosio location in Capitol Hill contains a library of books, donated by Franco Tesorieri and the Biblioteca Italian Seattle (BIS). The shop serves up scoops of mouth-wateringly good gelato and serves as an Italian cultural center to the city of Seattle. I perused a Guinness book of World Records while delving into some coconut chip and dark chocolate gelato.
Seattle Food Tour Capitol Hill DAmbrosio

*D’Ambrosio theory, ingredients and production.

Looking for a great present or night out – check out Seattle Food Tours (they even have gift cards!) I would reccomend the tour to Seattle transplants and tourists, who are looking for a culinary experience and neighborhood tour!

*I was given a ticket to the Capitol Hill Social Dine Around in exchange for this write-up.
All opinions expressed are my own. I can also not be held accountable if you might of drooled on your keyboard whilst looking at all of this deliciousness. ; ) 

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