Rosemary Bush / Christmas Tree DIY

Rosemary Bush / Christmas Tree DIY

Christmas in July…nope. A little holiday cheer in late August? Sure!
Posts have been spread apart as time has been stretched thin. But we are excited to be almost done wedding planning and closer to our big day in September. Here is a quick post and way to bring some pre-holiday cheer into your home or yard, in a few simple steps!

Step 1: Prune a Rosemary Bush
You can buy a 2-quart rosemary bush for pretty cheap and it’s relatively easy to prune with some good pruning shears. Light pruning in the late summer months for a smaller rosemary plant is just trimming and shaping, thicker on the bottom and thinner on the top.
Rosemary DIY

Step 2: String Lights
I used copper LED lights which have a small battery pack. The 346cm pack strung around the tree evenly and provided a nice coppery glow.
Rosemary DIY Tree
Step 3: Decorate & You’re Done
The scent of rosemary and the soft glow of twinkly lights is great for an outdoor dinner table. Just as long as we can fit in a few more BBQs and days enjoying the sun : )

Rosemary DIY Table decor

Maria Hayhow

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