O Town in Seattle

O Town in Seattle

The last time I remember seeing Oprah’s smize-y face was above Abbi Jacobsen’s bed in a late night viewing of Broad City. No shame, that show is hilarious. Again reaffirming why at face-value I was a totally under-qualified candidate to attend Oprah’s Life You Want Tour. So thank you and apologies to Olay and Crest smile for hosting and Seattle Bloggers Unite for the invite to O-Town in Seattle interactive event!

The day’s events were jam packed with people you see on TV, but would honestly enjoy speaking to in real life. Someone I’d like to grab a coffee with and speaker on the tour was Elizabeth Gilbert. You might know her from a little diddy she wrote called Eat, Pray, Love.  Listen to her response to the following question below…

How do you strike a balance between constantly striving and being content?

If you don’t watch the video above in full, here is the TL;DR – Embrace Your Beautiful Mess.

Her heartwarming honesty is truly lovely amidst the seeming monotony of conversations around, ‘how to do it all and then everything else’ and ‘being your bestest selfless self’ (obvious journalistic liberties taken). Elizabeth redirects the question to be more about finding peace in embracing the beautiful mess. So anyone currently in transit on the hot mess express, slow it down and take it in.

Other Oprah Life You Want, OTown Seattle People Worth Listening To….

Chef Carla Hall gave myself and other blogger attendees a quick tour and chat, welcoming us to the event. Carla is co-host of The Chew, was a finalist and favorite on Top Chef and was easily the tallest person in attendance. Carla participated in some of the day’s events including sharing her Olay’s Best Beautiful Moment and #CrestSmile tweetchat.

Actress, model and paralympic snowboarder Amy Purdy also joined the O Town Seattle crowd, as a recipient of the Toyota Standing O-Vation award. You might of seen Amy recently on Dancing with the Stars, as she brought the audience to their feet as she gracefully performed with two prosthetic legs. As Oprah stated, “for Amy it’s not about what you have, but what you have to give.” Amy continues to back through Adaptive Action Sports, the first adaptive snowboard and skateboard specific nonprofit.

*I was given a ticket to the Oprah Life You Want Tour weekend in exchange for this write-up.
All opinions expressed are my own. 

Maria Hayhow

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