How to Make a Made in the USA Wedding Registry

How to Make a Made in the USA Wedding Registry

Americans spend $19 billion each year buying wedding presents. With most attendees advised to spend from $50 to $200 plus, enter guests grabbing thirds and snatching the bouquet to re-sell later! The real misfortune is the amount of money towards imported goods, which doesn’t go back to local and family-run businesses here in the states.

With some of our wedding guests traveling to our home town and looking to help fill our new home, we took on the challenge of doing an all Made in America wedding registry.Luckily we found out about Zola and told them a bit about us and our new challenge. Not only has Zola been a great tool for us but they are also allowing us to extend a  $25 credit to spend on Zola, to you (+yours, or your engaged friends). Yep, you are welcome. Weddings aren’t cheap, y’all deserve a freebie : )

Here is a bit more of our thought process here )!
Screen Shot 2015-03-31 at 10.56.34 PMWhy we are using Zola…
We heard about Zola Wedding Registry from another couple and we were so excited with the flexibility! Zola is a wedding registry that provides an all-in-one experience, funds and gift giving wedding registry. It also allows for group gifting (great for guests) and gift tracking (great for thanking your guests)!

We both added the Zola plugin, which serves as a great ‘shop as you surf’ tool. HUGE Upgrade from getting scan crazy in a department store and pretending like you now have an interest in thread count. Just saying. 

We honestly couldn’t have done our Made in the USA registry without Zola. Zola touts, ‘a registry as thoughtful as your wedding,’ which we found delightful and true. Here is a brief tutorial of how we are adding hand crafted goods, made in the USA to our registry!

How to Use Zola…

Step 1: Download App or Plug-In + Start Shopping
How to make a Made in the USA Registry*You can find this vase trio, and personalize them with your wedding date. Available here, on Etsy





Step 2: Add to Zola Registry
How to make a Made in the USA RegistryIt’s like adding it to your cart but never abandoning your items or paying for them : )





Step 3: Customize Registry Item Description
How to make a Made in the USA RegistryWe decided to add fun descriptions to products, like these deerskin gloves.





And there you have it! From there you can send your guests your custom Zola wedding registry link. They can then ship directly to your home. You can even delay and monitor shipment of gifts (honeymoon,anyone?). 

Brands to include and inspire your Made in the USA registry…
We found that the following brands/websites either called out where the goods were made (Food 52) or offered goods only made in the USA (The American Edit). We also were really intrigued by the product descriptions and backstories the vendors provided. It felt good to put a set of stoneware mixing bowls on our registry that were made in our home state, by a family that has been making pottery since the 1960’s!

$_57Screen_Shot_2013-07-11_at_5.58.26_PMTAE-250 etsykaufmann-mercantile-logo1

Zola has also just launched a newly curated Made in America starter collection with great products like Vermont Farm Table’s handcrafted table products.

Shop American and look for form, fun + function….
We spent a lot of time researching goods that were made in America and included our three requirements. Here are three examples of goods we found that provide great aesthetic, functionality and make us smile.

Form: ‘We Love Lamp’
In regards to form, nobody beats George Nelson. We have accrued a few of his lamps via Seattle Craigslist but we have our eyes on his Cigar lamp. As is with many beautifully formed goods, this comes at a price, so we offered it as a group gift on the registry.




Fun: ‘I scream, you scream, we scream…all year long’
Jeni’s Ice Cream, hosts their kitchen in Columbus, Ohio and continues to churn out new and seasonal flavors. They are fast expanding across the states and their flavor portfolio continues to change. They offer a Pint Club, where members receive fun and fresh flavors each quarter.






Function: ‘For drinks, chilling and chilling drinks’
Tervis tumblers are made in America and keeps your drinks chilled or stay warm! We love these highly durable and high functioning insulated cups.






We hope our guests appreciate the backstory of the artisans and small companies we chose and continue to seek goods Made in America!

*We are extending a $25 credit for our engaged readers to spend on Zola when they create their registry. The credits will be deposited 4 weeks after their registry is published live.  All opinions expressed are our own and we receive no compensation for the following post. 

Maria Hayhow

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