#FollowFriday: Instagram Duos

KateYe vs. KimYe | Instagram DuosKatye + KimYe
Two friends (Kathleen and Katie) take on the task of dressing up and down as Kanye and Kim. This instaduo is killin it. You can find them re-styling the high-profiling couple at ‘What Would Yeezus Wear’ #WWYW.

Refinery 29 recently featured the #WWYW bloggers, breaking down their doppleganger outfits, piece-by-piece (view slideshow here).


Beer and Yoga Instagram | Instagram DuosBeer + Yoga
Brooke Alkire is an advocate for the balance of drinking and practicing yoga. The yogi/beer enthusiast started her account after her husband snapped the following pic of her in Warrior 3 mid-guzzle.

Brooke also incorporates the naming of beers into her pose or punny caption.


Women and Whiskies | Instagram Duo

Women + Whiskies
Women and Whiskies was created, “for women of all levels of whiskey connoisseurship” in 2011 by Campari America. The spirited group hosts gorgeous events where they pair whiskies in wonderful ways.

Check out their weekly recipes and drool-worthy recipes and sleek gift guides for your next perfect pairing.


Bikes and Poster Design | Instagram DuosBikes + Poster Design
ARTCRANK began in 2007 to ‘use creativity to change the way people think about bicycles and grow the cycling community’. A great two-fold mission actualized by crazy good bike-themed poster designs.

ARTCRANK hosts several shows across the U.S with a variety of Cause Partners, check their Facebook for show updates.


Colors and Design Inspiration | Instagram DuosDesigns + Color Inspiration
Palettable is headed up by Designer, Lauren Casper and pairs design and color inspiration in simple yet beautiful graphics.

Beyond Instagram, check out how Lauren merges color and graphic elements into beautiful designs, in her portfolio.


Bros and Bikinis | Instagram DuosBros + Bikinis
Kinda Fancy, a recently crowdfunded SF Surf company retails awesome bikinis WITH POCKETS! I’m biased because I got one last year and love it. The best part of their social presence is one of the founder/brother to another founder wearing the attire with not an ounce of shame. Getting behind the skimpy and surf ready bottoms they sell.



Have a favorite Instagram duo? Comment below! 

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