Upcycle Ideas

Upcycle Ideas

During our travels abroad in October, we came across a lot of great vintage stores and handmade boutiques. I snapped a few photos of found goods and objects that had been upcycled. Upcycling is defined by reusing a discarded object into an object of higher value.

The following objects were saved before being thrown away and upcycled in chic ways. Hope you find some inspiration from the following and gain some insight from the ‘Find It, Make It’ tips.

Skateboard Deck | Upcycle Project

Find It, Make It: Skateboard decks can be found at second-hand sports stores or from online distributors. Authentic hairpin legs might cost you an arm and a leg, but the reproductions and knock-offs can be found online.


Pencil Lamp | Upcycle Project

Find It, Make It: Pencils and pendant lamps shouldn’t be hard to come by. Upcycled lighting fixtures have grown in popularity and the opportunities are endless. Get creative but remember light bulbs can give off heat (I wouldn’t put crayons on a pendant lamp ; )

Foosball Pole | Upcycle Project

Find It, Make It: Foosball tables are notorious for taking up a lot of space and being quite heavy. Scour garage sales and free Craigslist for your line of defenders / newest coat hangers. Then simply secure to the wall with a simple bracket.

Bike | Upcycle Project

Find It, Make It: Broken bikes may be easy to come by but also equally easy to fix. I’d suggest hitting up your local bike repair shop if you have found yourself with an extra set of wheels. Bikes (like the one shown above) can also double as sidewalk signage or mobile decor with some spray paint and adhesive letters.
Animal Skulls | Upcycle Project

Find It, Make It: Animal skulls can be foraged if you are living on a farm but harder to come by for y’all city folk. There has been an uptick in demand for animal skulls for artists and pinterest-ers seeking to make statement pieces with real animal bones. Hit the farm trails or hit up farmers on Craigslist to find or buy some skulls. Some metallic spray paint and simple hardware will give new life to the animals as jewelry or scarf holders.

What have you found and/or made lately? Comment below!

Maria Hayhow

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