Field Research: La Marzocco Cafe + Showroom

Field Research: La Marzocco Cafe + Showroom

Host to Guest Field Research: La Marzocco Showroom

Travel along with Host to Guest as we do some field research on espresso innovation. This week we are checking out La Marzocco’s Showroom in KEXP’s new Seattle Center Space. The Seattle La Marzocco showroom will feature their vintage espresso machines and gear, which have helped to develop and refine espresso beverages. The space will feature ‘Partners in Residence’ bringing coffee purveyors around the world in to bring you a variety of espresso + pastry delights.

Check out the coupon below to visit and enjoy some discounted sips at La Marzocco’s Showroom, opening today (April 16th / Record Store Day!). (Details here)

Space design// SkB Architects 
Current Roaster in Residence// Stumptown
Current Pastry Provider// The London Plane

And special thanks to the friendly + fun staff and support at La Marzocco Showroom + Cafe. for allowing us into the space pre-open. Huge applause for making a space feel so Seattle + continuign to share the La Marzocco history with the community. Go check them out and use the coupon below to enjoy some world class espresso! 


Maria Hayhow

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