Eco from Head to Toe

Eco from Head to Toe

I was lucky enough to attend the EcoFashion Week Show earlier this year where I saw two Seattle designers took on the 68 lb. challenge. 68 pounds being the average amount of textiles a person throws away each year. Fast forward to this April when I’m standing in front of a 10ft. tall installation and interpretation of the amount of the fact that the average family throws away 280 lbs. of clothing per year. Whoa.

It’s more than safe to say 68 lbs. contestants made some statement pieces (see Evan Ducharme’s process here) and the public space installation of a 10 foot tall family made quite the statement (see reactions here).

But enough with the startling stats and on with the simple solution!Donate your unwanted clothes and textiles to Value Village to re use for good.And what exactly does good look like? Rockin’ a sweet vintage find – sure! Supporting  a local nonprofit – you bet! Reducing negative environmental impact – yep, that too!

Check out the Thrift Cycle at Value Village to see how you can donate and give back to nonprofits, the earth and your community.

Huge thanks to Juelp who made sure we received all star treatment before checking out the installation! If you have a chance to visit their Seattle shop – GO! Great service and no chemically nonsense! They have a great selection of colors that are also eco-friendly!




Vallue Village Art Installation
Maria Hayhow

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