Do-It-Together: Sip and Paint

Do-It-Together: Sip and Paint

How to do your own sip ‘n paint in 3 steps: pop bottle, agree upon a project to do together and make it happen. In my opinion it’s 100 times better than painting the same city skyscape as 10+ others. Here is how we made two front porch planters and had a good time doing it!

Step 1: Find some Materials
In this case we found two cement bricks lying around the house and used some elbow grease and spare house paint to make two canvases.
DIY Paint and Sip
(Cheers – you found things to paint on!)

Step 2: Print a Stencil
Choose a font, picture or icon you love and print to the specs of your foraged canvas. Use an exacto knife or scissors to cut out the parts you would like to be filled with paint.
Paint and Sip
(Drink throughout. Although we can’t guarantee drinking more will ensure greater precision.)

Step 3: Paint! 
Paint your base (or background) first and allow ample time for drying. Then overlay your stencil cut-out, adhereing with blue painter’s tape, to paint with your other color.
Paint and Sip

(Sip & don’t get sloppy! Globbing paint in between the stencil will only encourage paint to fill in unwanted cracks.)

Step 4: Remove Stencil + Fill ‘Er Up!
Remove stencil from the surface and examine any overlooked areas. Allow to dry. Now to fil ‘er up! (And not just your glass!) Go back and edge in on any areas that either weren’t filled or bled over. For areas with excess of paint, go back and edge around with the background color.
Paint and Sip

(Clink! You are almost done!)

Step 5: Add Greens
For this particular project we chose to incorporate ground covers and succulents to add a bit of natural + low maintenance pop! Cheers to that!

Paint and Sip



Maria Hayhow

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