DIY Outdoor Rug

DIY Outdoor Rug

Outdoor rugs can come at a high price and aren’t ideal with two rambunctious dogs. We looked into the idea of doing an outdoor rug that was modern and helped define our outdoor seating space.

We found the following shifted rectangles stencil pattern and thought it would be a perfect compliment to our space. Read on to see how you can create an outdoor rug with some spare paint and *spare* time!

Step One: Pick a Stencil
Quick tip: Check out Stencil1 – their stencils are durable, intuitive and reusable.

Step Two: Clean It Up
Quick tip: Borrow a pressure washer for the best results. A pressure washer will help to remove any moss, bird poop, dried up worms, etc. Really!

Step Two: Dry It Off
Quick tip: Use a leaf blower to help dry any water off and brush off any debris.

Step Three: Measure, measure, measure! 
Quick tip: Measure the area where you will place your base, how large you would like the border to be (from the cement to the border) and from the border to the interior of the rug.

Step Four: Paint a Base
Quick tip: Tape off a defined area if you are not painting to the edge of the concrete, using a level to ensure evenness.

Step Five: Place the Stencil 
Quick tip: Place something heavy on a portion of the stencil to weight it down, in case of a wind gust.

Step Six: PAINT!
Quick tip: Place just enough paint in each portion to fill it but not overflow the space provided. Outdoor surfaces aren’t meant to be totally smooth so globbing pant can ruin the pattern’s consistency. Then just let dry, decorate and enjoy your newly defined outdoor living room!

Image: Stencil1 11×11 , DIY outdoor chandelier, chiminea with hairpin legs, vintage Bertoia diamond chairs and lounge. 


















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    This looks great! I have a large cement patio that I have never liked. We have talked about staining or doing some other decorative treatment. What type of paint did you use for this project?

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