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About Us

What is ‘Host to Guest’ and what does it mean? 
Host to Guest is a blog by Maria Hayhow and Ryan Rosensweig. They are not only in love with each other, but with mid century modern design and design methodologies. Maria and Ryan see Ray and Charles Eames as two pioneers of design and storytelling, as shown through their work in the mid-20th century. Host to Guest is a concept derived from the following Charles Eames quote…

“The role of the designer is that of a very good,
thoughtful host anticipating the needs of his guest.”

Maria and Ryan find meaning the phrase in numerous ways, but most recently how to make their 1950’s house a home and make every guest feel welcome. Whether that is reupholstering a Knoll Executive chair, exploring Seattle and Scandinavia, or perfecting a nico latte – Maria and Ryan are doing it together and blogging about it here.

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What kind of blog is Host to Guest? 

As you’ll see in the menu, Host to Guest encompasses a view categories: travel, events, DIT (Do-It-Together), and food. So in that sense, it doesn’t really fit a particular niche. Ryan and Maria started Host to Guest as they embarked on some seemingly endless list of home renovations and explorations of Seattle and abroad. Their hope is that somewhere out there in the interwebs someone will find a useful nugget in their home renovations, travels or explorations.

Who is #SummitInSeattle?
Summit is our 1 1/2 year old Boston Terrier, he also loves furniture design. Summit is the best dog you will ever meet. If you think otherwise he will likely fart in your general direction and you may become temporarily blind.

Partnerships? Sponsorship? Media Coverage? Etc?
We would be happy to chat about opportunities for collaboration. We are kinesthetic learners (learn by doing) so we are always looking to roll up our sleeves, try something new, go out and about and write about it here. Email:

Maria Hayhow

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