12 Things 12s Need

12 Things 12s Need

Happy hump day! Here are 12 things all 12s need to make it through the week and get pumped for NFL Super Bowl XLIX!

HUM Creative design and branding studio has created an unofficial fan site with Marshawn Lynch quick quotes and catch phrases. Click a Lynch animation + enjoy!
Speaks Mode Microsite

2. Free Coloring Sheet!
Erin Jang, Illustrator and owner of The Indigo Bunting blog has posted a free PDF for all the little 12s…. and maybe some big 12s too. Download and decorate!

3. Rainier R in Blue and Green
Earlier this week the infamous Rainier R sign was lit blue and green, as well as the unfolding of a giant 12 flag underneath it (seen here).
rainier_beer seahawks

4. Beast Mode Sausage
Blue Max Meats is back with their now infamous ‘Beast Mode‘ skittle-stuffed sausage. You can also find them throwing around other pigskin puns, like this ‘Underinflated Summer Sausage‘. Pigskin Puns

5. Bennett on a Bike
The NFC Championship wouldn’t of been complete without Bennett borrowing a Seattle PD bike for a quick joy ride around the field. Ride on Bennett, ride on!
Bennett on a Bike

6. Seattle Seahawk Name Memes
We are all hoping for a win, made possible by these guys.



7. Make-A-Wish Story to Make Your Day
Daniel Duncan is Super Bowl bound to cheer on his home team, thanks to Make-A-Wish officials and donors. You might of seen Daniel on YouTube ‘freaking out‘ when Bobby Wagner invited him to the big game. 
Seahawk Make a Wish

8. Thigpen Light Show
Lighting that gets you in the mode, not the mood. This beast mode light show and remixed music show runs every night from 4:30 p.m. to 9:15 p.m. until the Super Bowl in Gig Harbor. You can view a snippet below…
Screen Shot 2015-01-28 at 9.53.23 AM

9. PNSN NFC Homegame Stats
12s know how to get loud and Seahawks know how to rumble! Check out the Pacific Northwest Seismic Network blog to see previous home game monitor reports. Phoenix better watch out!
Packers versus Seahawks

10. ‘Legion of Boom’ Sports Illustrated Cover
True fans never doubt their team and teammates never stand alone. Richard Sherman recently agreed to be on the cover of SI but only the Legion of Boom could be photographed with him, as well as the rest rest of the defensive back within the magazine. Sherman also penned an article called, ‘It’s About More Than Me‘ which is worth a read.

11. ‘We Must Protect this House!’
(Above: An infamous quote from Eric Obogu, a former Dallas Cowboy)
(Below: A freshly painted house by Austin Fitzwater AZ resident and big time 12)


12.  Seahawks + Starbucks
Starbuck’s will be re-releasing limited edition Starbuck’s Seahawks cards, beginning Friday – February 2nd. Select WA and OR shops will also be selling Seahawks Frappucino.

Go Hawks!

Maria Hayhow

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